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Friday, January 21, 2005
Nintendo's Censorship History

You never know what you'll run across while surfing Wikipedia. I was browsing the Nintendo page discussion node and came across this site: http://www.filibustercartoons.com/Nintendo.php. It documents a formal policy Nintendo had on censoring content in its games, before the ESRB rating system was devised. Kind of an interesting read for the video game folks.
Sunday, January 16, 2005
Maggie and I Hit Lakeport

On a whim, Maggie and I decided to finally do that Lakeport trip I'd been promising her. We had a great, if short, time, not a lot's changed in the old place (they got a blockbuster video! Who'da thunk!) still it was nice, I showed Maggie around downtown, the Museum, the Book Stop, TNT's on the Lake, even my old place (just the outside) and my schools. Ah memories.

Incidentally, I guess Jay Leno's gonna show up at Cache Creek sometime in March. Man that place has gotten huge.

I'll try and have some photos posted up one of these days. We all know how I am about that however ;-).
Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Assembly Programming

For everyone's sake, I'm going to try and post a new blog entry everyday, no matter how bleak.

Assembly language programming seems like an an exercise in masochism for a programmer today. It's one of the most difficult types of programming to master well, and is deemed largely unecessary by many modern day computer science teachers and ciriculum, since higher-level languages have been able to meet programmers needs, even for the purpose of writing an operating system. But I've been pursuing it lately on my own, using Jeff Duntemann's Assembly Language Step-by-Step. Why? I want to know how the stuff works. All programming languages (no matter how high level and abstract) eventualy distill to a set of raw assembly language instructions for the CPU of the computer you're currently using. It's where the true programming takes place in your computer. Knowing how assembly works, largly teaches you how computers really work, and as embarassing as it is to admit, there's so much I don't know, even after tinkering with computers of all varieties for over 13 years, and having had college course work in comp-sci.

So far so good, though there's on awful lot to learn, I think I'm gradually getting it.

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