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Monday, November 15, 2004
Wow it's been a long time...

I figured I would have reverted to radio silence for a week or two, but for 6 months, heh, no wonder nobody likes to read my Blog :-D. Sorry everyone, it's been a crazy life. I'll do better. Trust me. No...really...

Anyway, there's not a whole lot to report. Maggie and I moved into a new apartment in Cranbrook at the end of August, which went smoothly for the most part. Send me an email if you need my address or phone number. I still haven't gotten around to posting all of my pictures to the web yet. However, Maggie and I recently just got a new external DVD burner, so provided I get off my lazy ass and quit playing those video games I might be able to get everyone their own DVD of our Japan and Thailand trip (which was last March) for a stocking stuffer. Here's hoping.

And speaking of which, it is NOT presumptuous of you to send me your Christmas list. I've made my wish list at amazon.com and if you want to make things easier for me and everyone else just do the same and send it my way (and to anyone else you figure who owes you gift ;-D), the more people I get checked off my list, the better (hey, subtley isn't my strong point, let's not kid ourselves, Christmas shopping's stressful). Amongst what I list there, here's a few other things:

If I don't see any of you before Thanksgiving, have a great turkey day, and remember to be thankful (it's so easy to forget that isn't it?).

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